Website in progress

Sorry, I'm still trying to set this thing up lmao.

I'm Kes! This is my first real website and I'm.... terrible at this. I'm using Sadgrl's layout make to create my layout, but I'm not quite done getting it set up! If something looks broken, Contact me on Spacehey!

I'm also on Tumblr @croutondotcom! Follow me on there for my shitposts and art or whatever else I decide to slap onto that thang.

(I'm leaving this here as a future reference to myself, but it isn't my work) If you're feeling up for a challenge, I put together a guide which goes over the structure of how this layout is built, along with some specific tips on how to edit it in certain ways.

Check the links in the sidebar for more resources to build your own website!


I'll put something here eventually.

Stay tuned for content.